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So who knew, certainly not I, just how long and how much work it takes to write and publish a book! But things are shaping up for the publication of Sun Dogs and Yellowcake in early September. My very detail-oriented editor Naomi Pauls has put me through a rigorous review, giving me  a new-found and hard-earned respect for the editorial role. The uber-talented Bill Glasgow is shaping the physical design of the book and Neil Klassen has lent his fine creative eye to produce three fabulous maps. And of course, the perfect cover photo is courtesy of artist and photographer Robbie Craig

Woven into the context of the Cold War and post-war immigration, and set against a backdrop of pristine Lake Athabasca with its First Nations and Métis communities, life in an isolated uranium mining town unfolds. Stories of love, loss, and adventure, with much joy and laughter.

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The photo is of me in the early days of Gunnar Mines, Saskatchewan – and in my early days too, of course.

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4 thoughts on “Progress… on publishing”

  1. I love read what you have written. I love Robbie Craig work. One day I hope I can buy one of his prints of our beautiful northern landscapes and nature.

  2. There are many of us, still grieving for the loss of our lives in Eldorado and Uranium City, waiting for the book!

    1. Well I really hope the book helps with that! I think you will love it. It won’t be stories about Eldorado and UC but I am sure there will be many reminders for you of time back when! Thanks for commenting.

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