Passionate Public Speaking

Public speaking ranks right up there with fear of dying! Pretty powerful! And terrifying.

Talk! In Public!

But fear of public speaking can be overcome. I know because I did it. And I’ll be sharing how at the Okanagan Valley Writers Festival April 7, 2018 in sunshine and wine country: lovely Penticton, British Columbia.

Best of all, I’ll be with a fabulous group of other writers. Topics range from writing erotica to poetry; editing and researching; building story layers, scenes and characters; publishing traditionally and the solo route; writing a  dynamite query letter, perfecting your pitch, and then selling the darn thing. Oh yes, and Snake-oil. Check it out here.


Carol Rose Daniels, poet, novelist and short story writer, playwright, journalist, and visual artist (phew, I’m worn out just listing them all) .

Robert Mackwood, owner and agent for Seventh Avenue Literary Agency – you know, what every author dreams of having – an agent.

Michelle Barker, award-winning author of poetry and YA literature. Her YA novel The House of One Thousand Eyes will be out this fall.

Margo Bates – funny lady, oh yes she also writes, gives writing workshops, and does a passel of other things. Past president Canadian Authors Metro Vancouver branch.

Jonas Saul who writes thrillers and plays on the same Amazon sales level as Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Travels the world to do research – lucky guy.

Elma Schemenauer whose passion is history and has – count them – 77 books to her credit. Another one with Saskatchewan roots on the panel.

Lorna Schultz Nicholson who has only written 30 some books, and won  multiple awards for them. Kids love her books.

Sylvia Taylor, writes, edits, educates and consults. Published The Fisher Queen and Beckoned by the Sea: Women at Work on the Cascadia Coast.

Shannon Linden who writes for glossies and newspapers, her passion for writing ignited by her time in the Middle East.

Jennifer Manuel, 2017 Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize winner for The Heaviness of Things That Float and acclaimed for her short fiction.

Join us! For tickets and more information, visit the Okanagan Valley Writers Festival website

Author: Patricia Sandberg

A former mining and securities lawyer, Patricia relied on her family’s history and interviews of over 150 people to write about the Cold War uranium mining town in Northern Canada that residents said was ‘the best place they ever lived’. She is now working on a novel. Sun Dogs and Yellowcake has won two international awards, was shortlisted for the Canadian Authors Fred Kerner award, and was finalist for Whistler Independent Book Awards 2017.

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