Patricia Sandberg
Author Patricia Sandberg

Born in southern Saskatchewan, lived as a baby in a tent-house, and grew up in a uranium mining town. I am now a confirmed West Coast city-dweller.

Sailed to Hawaii and San Francisco and biked to Seattle. Book lover, dog lover, Spanish student, and gardener when I have time. Former securities lawyer for mining companies, now writing full-time.

In 2014, I started my research for a book about Gunnar Mines, Saskatchewan, a mining town born in the frenzied search for uranium during the Cold War, set in the middle of the post-World War II immigration boom, and contributing in no small measure to the baby boom. In the midst of all this history and frenzy, Gunnar was simply a place where people raised their families. My book tells their stories.

My next book is fiction and is making the long arduous journey from an idea to conclusion. I also write short stories and give presentations to writing groups about self-publishing, public speaking, research, and marketing.

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